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Compassion Mind Foundation Compassionate Mind handout for clients

The section on this site for individuals includes exercises, audio, video and links to books and resources where you can learn more about the compassionate mind and compassion focused therapy

This is a fantastic resource written by Dr Paul Gilbert which gives a comprehensive overview of brain development and current neuroscience and uses this to explain the role of compassion in managing negative thoughts and emotions.

Kristin has a wealth of resources on her website from fascinating TED talk videos, where she explores topics such self-compassion and kindness to practice exercies and meditations to support us in developing a more compassionate approach to ourselves.


I find the 'Soften, Sooth, Allow' meditation particularly effective

you are safe with me

I love this video and consider it to be compassion in action.  Watch the looks on people's faces.  See if you can notice your own sensations, feelings and thoughts as you watch this.  

Tara Brach is an American Psychogist who has extensive clinical and personal experience in self-compassion.  Tara has devised a simple practice to encourage us to develop a more compassionate approach to ourselves called RAIN:


Recognise what is going on;

Allow the experience to be there, just as it is;

Investigate with interest and care;

Nourish with self-compassion.


There are three links here.  One takes you to a pdf file where she explains this process in more depth, the second takes you to a 10 minute audio meditation on RAIN by Tara and the third is a talk where Tara explains RAIN (56 minutes).