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The Health and Safety Executive have highlighted that stress is a major cause of health problems at work.  The site gives guidance and best practice for employers to manage and reduce stress in the workplace.  The prevalence and causes of stress are given and discussed.  There is also information and resources on managing and reducing personal stressors and how to get further support.


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Mind has provided lots of information and resources here to help manage stress.


This NHS resource is a good place to start for gaining a basic understanding about stress and how to manage this more effectively


This site gives a much more in depth understanding of stress and how to manage this. The site is American, but is still relevant and has been written in conjunction with the Harvard Medical school so offers a good understanding of stress from a neurological perspective.


Moodjuice is a Scottish NHS self-help resource.  They produce useful self-help guides on a range of issues.


An NHS resource that has loads of information about common mental health issues including stress. anxiety, panic, anger and depression.  The site has audioguides to talk you through some of the common issues and real life stories where you can hear how others experience these issues and learn to manage them.

kelly mcgonigal

A 15 minute TED talk by health psychologist Kelly McGonigal.  This is a fascinating talk that will challenge your perceptions of stress!