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Before starting therapy with me, I  will invite you to an initial meeting which will last 60 minutes so we can discuss what is happening for you at the moment and how therapy could help you.  This helps me to assess whether I am the right therapist for you and have the expertise to support you and for you to decide whether you feel comfortable and confident with me.


After this meeting you will be invited to go away and reflect on the meeting and whether you would like to start therapy with me.  There is no obligation at the initial meeting at all, it is purely an opportunity for us to decide whether we would like to work together.


At your first session, once we have decided to work together, we will agree the number of sessions of therapy which you feel is appropriate for you.  The length of therapy varies for each person and can also be decided together as we go along.  


I offer short term therapy, between  6 - 8 sessions.


All therapy sessions are 60 minutes.


The therapy sessions are offered weekly, usually at the same agreed time, although some flexibility with times can be negotiated.


When you come for therapy with me, this will be your space, and your time to focus on areas of your life that you feel may be troubling you or you wish to explore.


I also offer therapy on the telephone and online using the platform.


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